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Our hotel and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. Here we present you more possibilities of our social program for sports, adventure and teambuilding. There is something for everyone.


We offer you and your team a unique excursion into the realm of alchemy! In the Alchemist Quiz, your group will compete in teams in the manner of English pub quizzes. However, the categories of the quiz not only demand knowledge in areas such as “childhood heroes”, “politics and history”, “astronomy” and many more, but also reward the active use of the senses of smell and taste, physical strength and, above all, teamwork in games such as “country darts”, “who is that?” and many more. Quiz questions on a big screen, answer cards, buzzers and of course our team guarantee a real game show atmosphere! We are happy to create individual categories for your team on request.


The art of archery combines ancient traditions with new enthusiasm and gives you an extraordinary experience. At the beginning of the event, you will receive a thorough introduction to the art of archery. Afterwards you will try out your aiming skills under the guidance of our trainers. Success is quickly achieved by all participants within the first few shots. As soon as you have a certain accuracy, you will master precise tasks together as a team. Not only the best shots are important. We also offer this event in the dark. In this case, we set the scene for the event with sufficient light.


Enjoy an exciting winter activity! Can you reconcile momentum and precision, power and accuracy? In a wintry atmosphere, enjoy curling detached from weather conditions and, above all, with a lot of fun and joy. Different game modes ensure the collegial spirit of your team. Our team supports you additionally with tips and tricks and provides the necessary competition atmosphere if desired. Our curling rink is mobile and therefore the event can be held almost anywhere. After consultation also with roofing and illumination: So your team does not have to worry about possible weather or light conditions.


Conquer unknown waters and set sail with your team. For this you construct a sustainable raft for your entire team. Cooperation, communication and an extraordinary experience are the focus of this team challenge. Experience “once in a lifetime” sailing on a self-built boat and refresh the structures of your team. By using professional equipment and THW-standard multi-chamber rafting tubes, we can rule out the possibility of the rafts capsizing. Furthermore, you will of course receive life jackets and neoprene socks. Book the event also as a project management and experience standard processes in a highly condensed form and hands-on.


Our Golf Night is a unique event in Europe. On our covered driving range you try to hit one of our four high-tech light targets under the guidance of a golf instructor. With music and drinks, our Golf Night is a great highlight all year round. For beginners and experienced golfers alike, this event is great fun and offers a slightly different insight into the sport of golf.


You want to take a first look at the world of golf? Then the golf trial course is just right for you. According to your individual appointment request, our golf instructors will take you on a journey into the most beautiful sport in the world without any obligation.
You will get an introduction to the technical terms of golf, learn the basic movements and try out the different strokes. Putting, chipping and full swings – it’s all here!


The tour starts directly from your conference location and takes you into the middle of nature. After a common front-loading, the mobile GPS devices guide you to the challenges of the route. You will pass the surrounding landscapes, cross small streams and always follow the route of the outdoor navigation system. Our trainers will additionally present you with cooperative challenges that still have to be mastered on the way. For example, you might have to cross the Mohawk Walk or climb to the top of a tree – secured by your team. We are happy to offer the event in the dark and equip you additionally with high-quality headlamps. Winter special GPS challenge We are also happy to organise the event as a winter special. Trudge through the snow and follow the route through the winter landscape until you finally warm yourself with a hot tea.


In this event, you will design, plan and construct everything it takes to shoot a model rocket as far as possible. You will demonstrate your knowledge of construction and ballistics in various challenges. At the end of the event, you will get creative and design a working rocket. Using aids such as PET bottles, tennis balls and water, you will work in small teams to develop missiles that can reach a height of up to 20 meters. After a planning phase, you will design your prototype, optimise its flight characteristics and give it an individual design. At the end of the event, we organise an exciting rocket launch that demonstrates the efficiency of your activity. 


An empty well shaft – at the bottom a mysterious object. To retrieve it, you have to transport a sufficient amount of water into the container using pipelines. But materials such as bamboo, ropes, fasteners, etc. have to be “snatched” by your team through special challenges. Then, under the guidance of our staff, build a meter-long aqueduct and get the water flowing. Prove true teamwork skills and thus obtain the mysterious object. Only those who work together, organise, plan and coordinate well will be successful in pipeline construction!


One room, your team and a limited time to disarm the bomb. Follow the clues and solve the puzzles! The classic Escape Room style event divides your team into small groups to puzzle together. What does the chime have to do with the map? And what is hidden in the large travel suitcase? If their group is successful, they receive part of the code that disarms the bomb, so that for the grand finale, all participants come together again to enjoy their victory. (Note: The Escape Room is mobile and subject to on-site availability. At no time will your team be locked in).


The echo of the murder just committed is still clearly visible through the police cordon tape, the body sketched in chalk, and the perplexed forensic team. Although the circle of suspects has been narrowed down, the local police are still in the dark. The task is to track down the decisive clues and convict who committed the crime. But how do you get the hair sample out of the gutter, how do you match the right fingerprint? Only if you work together and cleverly combine, you can solve the murder case.


The Viking Games demand strength, skill, courage and innovation from your employees: In small teams they compete under the supervision of our trainers. Axes are thrown, hammers are swung, nails are sunk into a tree stump. Accurately calculate the ballistics of the catapult, manoeuvre horseshoes precisely into the target and create an extraordinary and creative coat of arms for your team. At the end of the day, one team will emerge victorious and “capture” the victory. After the test of strength in the small teams, a rustic barbecue and campfire can also be booked. While feasting together, stories are shared and fellowship is experienced.


Dive into a fascinating world through VR-experience


After almost 3 years of planning the new Schwebodrom opened its doors on 21. October 2023.The Schwebebahn (Suspensions railway)-Experience invites its guest to experience the history of the Schwebebahn with all senses at three stations.

Projectionworld: Cities and mobility through the 19th Century

Exhibition: Time travel with the Schwebebahn

VR-Tour: Take a virtual trip through the Wupper-valley in the original wagon in 1929


E-Mail:  team@schwebodrom.de

Phone: +49 202 94608830

Picture: ©Wuppertal Marketing

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